CloneCD and CDBeta for Operation Flashpoint

I have a Plextor 12w4rw32r scsi writer with the damn 1.05 firmware.

And I want to make a backup copy of my original Operation Flashpoint game to run on another pc. Because my plextor cant copy SD2 protected games i downloaded CDbeta(betablocker) to patch the image. But somehow the burned image didnt work. So i was wondering if my settings for reading the original and/or writing the clonecd image were correct.

For reading the original i used the following settings:

checked: Read Subchannel Data from Data TracksÂ
checked: Read Subchannel Data from Audio Tracks
unchecked: Fast Error Skip
unchecked: Intelligent Bad Sector Scan

Settings for the CDBeta to patch the image:

Sector range: 10000

For writing the clonecd image i used the settings:

unchecked: Perform Laser Power
checked: Don’t repair SubChannel

Who has actuall copied Operation Flashpoint successfully and want to share his settings with us?


Here’s the error box i get when i used the cloned ofp cdrom in the cddrive:

OPERATIONFLASHPOINT caused an invalid page fault in
module ~DF394B.TMP at 0167:1002462b.

EAX=5242490a CS=0167 EIP=1002462b EFLGS=00010206
EBX=00b88280 SS=016f ESP=0093fa58 EBP=0093fa78
ECX=00000001 DS=016f ESI=00b869b8 FS=3e8f
EDX=00d13630 ES=016f EDI=00d1367c GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 08 d1 e1 8b 55 fc 8b 42 08 33 c1 89 45 f0 83
Stack dump:
00b8761c 00b869b8 00b88280 5242490a 5202490a 00d13630 5242490a 5242490a 0093fac0 1001a7c5 00d14be0 40000002 00295aa0 00d14bd4 00b8761c 00b869b8

I do not get this error msgbox when i put the original OFP cdrom in the drive

Well there’s only one setting for SafeDisc 2:

Fast Error Skip ON

Other settings are not important… A lot of people think it will help to set the read retries higher but it doesn’t make a difference. BetaBlocker only works with certain game titles (I know Max Payne works) so maybe it’s just tough luck for you :frowning:

Other solutions:


I would go for DAEMON Tools myself since it works with all SafeDisc versions…


Hi im running a plextor 8/4/32 with firmware version 1.09 . I also made a backup copy of op flashpoint using clone c/d version . I checked fast error skip on for the read and closed session for the burn , before the burn I used beta blocker as well , the burning speed I used was 8x so it took a little longer than normal…I was able to play the back up copy with my burnner , samsung dvd rom and my panasonic 48 speed c/d rom with no problems…it just took awhile to load but the game runs fine…hope this info helps someone out !


SD2… betalocker

Originally posted by defiz
SD2… betalocker
Wow what a helpful input :rolleyes: He already used this program…

working backup of safedisk2 disks using clone cd v3 on my mitsumi 4802TE.Revision: 2.1D

clone cd settings- read speed 2
error correction none- tick fast error skip all other clone cd settings are left unchecked.
write speed 2
slow at 2 speed but its preferd- maximum 4
read retries 3
error corrections -none

do something else while this dumps it can take a while always
very slow at start when image is dumped run betablocker

Drop your CloneCD File in the “Drop Image Data Here” Window.

sector scan in “Max Sector” 8000.

Press the “Scan Sectors” Button.

Press the “Patch Sectors” Button.

burn the patched image file at two speed.
good luck …and take your time…:wink:
tip! use a CD-ReWritable so you don’t waste CD-Recordables
as a first test.
read and write speeds may be ammended dependent on media
ie:max read 4 max write 4…