Clonecd 5 profiles ? Psx profile I have, is there one for ps2?




Is there an link for the Clonecd 5 profiles ?
I already have the Psx lybcript profile for backing up ps1 games.
Is there a Clonecd profile for ps2 ? :confused:

Like to hear your info, thanx


please, also me i am interested…


On backing up PS2 DVD games - just do it as a normal backup - as long as your PS2 is chipped it will work okay. I presume for PS2 CD games, again a normal backup will work - there is no extra protection on PS2 DVD games, other than the protection that your mod chip gets round.


For ps2 cd games i still use the libcrypt profile works fine for me although i burn a bit slower than the standard 8x…(you can edit the profiles in notepad or just edit the profile when you are going to burn)
But standard game cd profile works also…
Another thing to note is cd based games make a lot more noise when playing than dvd based…


Thanks all for the advice,

For PS cd based games it works.
Does it work for backing up PS2 dvd based games ?

Like to hear :confused:


Yep - see post #3 above