CloneCD IS NOT STABLE IT'S BUGGY and has issues! Back to CCD



Since the upgrade to the CCD any on the fly DVD copying irrespective of the data FAILS . . . Looking at the log CCD starts the Session Leadin followed by writing the image file during which the source DVD drive that is to be copied from is not even accessed once ! and almost immedieatley comes up wih Writing Lead out and the continues to hang there with the DVD in the recorder spinning and has to be force quitted as the CCD buttons become completley non-responsive. :a

A dozen diffrent blank DVD -R and +R and RW making sure that the problem was not the burner or the source drive and no luck with this versionso for now back to what worked CCD


Same thing happened to me except I went through 3 dvd+r’s before reverting to which is the latest I have.Hope they fix it soon!!


Thanks for the warning guys. Over to you now Slysoft.


same thing here. copy a cd to hardisk and burned ok. copy a dvd to hardisk and burned ok. But tryed on the fly with a dvd and the same as above.
also back to 5221 and tryed again on the fly. succes.

waiting for new version