CloneCD online!

CloneCD Revision History

CloneCD online !!!

  • Fix: Write DVD problems with Plextor drives
  • Fix: Did not accept path names which
    contained a dot (.) character
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

Download here:

JackiRipper2000 :slight_smile:

unfortunatly no support for securom 5
i hope next version support it

What about support for Safedisc 4.00??

which games have this copy protection

Does it support Safe Disc 3 ? or what Hardware do i need to get a working back up of FIFA 2005

CloneCD support SafeDisc 3 with CD/DVD Burner (100% EFM).

and a Lite On LTR-52327S( 52x 32x 52x ) ?

Use a CDRW and give it a try, it should be hardware independant as it uses emultaion.

Made a working backup of our Sims2 retail disk with that drive and the newest version (just before this one) of CloneCD and their Safedisk 3 Profile. NO emulation. Worked great. Now our $50 original game is tucked away safely from the kids!!! :cool:

NO emulation. Worked great.

i thought CCD always adds emulation to SD copies… :confused:

My Lite-On did not have to emulate as it can burn efm correctly. Made an exact 1:1 copy. No need for any emulation. Was able to intall the backup and play on my kids computer with NO emulators or hide cdr or any programs of that type even installed. Game reads the backup disk and plays just fine with nothing hidden or emulated etc.
You can burn with:

NO Amplify Weak Sectors
Emulate Weak Sectors
Amplify Weak Sectors (But only if your burner can do this!)

Well the problem is the Alcohol backup works and the Clone-CD ain’t so why is that ? and it’s not my first backup i always make a CCD and a Alcohol Copy to see if it’s working and i burn the CCD Image with Alcohol and it works !!?

Originally it was a 2 sheep burner, but SafeDisc 3.10 was the last revision that LiteON 52327S had a good success rate with. SD 3.15 and 3.20 are a bigger challenge for this drive. So getting a copy that got burnt by it to without emulation is quite a rarity:)

I thought safedisc 4 was the latest now

Also how does clone handle the latest securom with the twinpeaks method?

Haven’t seen SafeDisc 4 in action so i don’t know if LiteON 52327S can do it or not.

Should do it just as always… but i don’t have a spanking new SecuROM game to test it with. The next on my list is Beyond Good & Evil:)