CloneCD & CloneCD on same install?




Can both versions of this program co-exist on the same install? Fresh install of Winxp sp2.

I’ve used for a long time now with good results. Asus 5424A & Liteon 52327S & athlon XP 3000/512 mb ram.

CloneCD 4 in a renamed directory & ClonCD 5 in default directory.

Clonecd 5 will copy some cd’s but has failed on a couple of Twinpeaks patched files UT2004 & Vietcong. Tried burning using “securom profile for twinpeaks” and regular game profile that I’ve downloaded from Cdfreaks. Both quit near the end of the burn with failure to format medium message.

CloneCD 4 will successfully copy these same patched files using same profiles.

Will the old ccd profiles work with ccd 5? Registry conflict? Should I uninstall both programs and do a fresh install of CCD 5?

Any help would be appreciated.