CloneCD fails on Sims2

Got it in trial for a problem my sister was having. Sims 2 still reports Emulation CD\DVD software detetcted.

I though that CCD5 fixed this?

Did you remove all traces of the previous version of ccd? It may be that the game is detecting traces of the old virtual drive which, no doubt, is blacklisted.

I never install, nor use VD’s, don’t like them, never did. I would rather waste a cd (30 cents) than use a VD.

Previous version of CCD and new one with no VD’s.

Yet I get the message, I uninstalled previous before installing the new one because it forced me to, during setup.

Is there any trace left in registry perhaps that uninstall skipped from previous version? Thats all I can think of offhand myself…

I had the same issue with the new version of clonecd and sims2, CD 1986 provided me with a simple and effective solution. When you pc boots click on the clonecd tray and untick hide cdr media, then click on exit and close the clonecd tray down. Now go to your program files and open up the clonecd tray and tick the hide cdr media, and now run the game from the copy you made with clonecd and the sims should run. All i know is that it works for me. i hope this helps

I had that same issue with DOOM3 and CCD. The workaround mentioned above was given to me on this forum and took care of the the problem.

I will try it thank you.

Don’t use CloneCD, it doesn’t do as claimed.
Use Alcohol120% with safedisc 2/3 profile.
The copy should work in your reader without the need for any emulation.