CloneCD Bug




I’ve found a bug in CloneCD When you select image as the temp file format for copying a DVD and type in a name it still adds the extension of .DVD and splits the file. You have to physically type the name with .ISO on the end for it to save as a single ISO file.

This is the same if you just want to read from DVD to an image on your HDD.



Another BUG:
I can only copy on the fly.
Whenever i make an image and try to burn this, the following happens:

  • when choosing the *.ccd file to burn, no writers are shown and the “next” button is greyed out.
  • when choosing the *.img or the *.sub file, I can choose an writer, but in the next menu, i can only choose the “DVD” profile which ends up in a coaster!

Any idea why?


no probs here reading and writing both dvd image and dvd iso with it using liteon812s nice program works great :slight_smile:


OK, i found out what the problem is - it is definitely a bug:
Whenever there is a “.” within the path to your image files, CloneCD doesnt recognize them as such. I removed the “.” from the Folder name where the Image files are stored and: BINGO!


Thx for the tip TschensBrem !


I hope it will be soon fixed :slight_smile:


I hope, too. It was a pain in the ass for me, couldnt find the solution for quite a long time. I usually put the image files on my desktop when I copy a CD. And the path to my desktop includes a “.” (c:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\USERNAME.COPMUTERNAME). After copying the image files to another folder and some further “playing around with folder names” I started to realize…