CloneCD and Issue with Write from Image Comment

Hi Guys.
I have used a previous version of CloneCD ( to create a whole lot of disk images which I renamed to something more descriptive (eg.) “This is my Disc v1.2.3.4.ccd” etc.

When I have come at a later date to burn the images using CloneCD V5.0.2.2, after selecting my desired image, the next button would remain GREYED out.

I eventually discovered to fix the problem I had to rename (actually copied and then re-named the copy) the image files to 8.3 format.

Is this a known issue ?



The maximum name length for the ISO formats is;
ISO level 1 is 8+3
ISO level 2 is 31 characters

Makes sense. Appears that with CloneCD they use ISO L1, probably for most compatibility. I have not discovered if you can change ISO level within CloneCD