CloneCD and CloneDVD Bug

I have encountered a strange problem using the combo of these 2 programs.
If I burn a dvd with clonedvd and then try to use clonecd to copy a music or game cd or whatever. CloneCD sees the disk as a dvd NOT as a cd… I uninstalled CloneCD and went back to the previous version and the problem disappeared…Any input would be appreciated…Thanks All

have you tried installing a new ASPI Layer, download, unzip and then run “aspiinst.exe”, reboot and then try burning :slight_smile:

hope this helps,
ben :slight_smile:

Thanks will give it a try…

let me know if it works :slight_smile:

I checked and I do not have any adaptec aspi drivers on the system. Why would I need aspi drivers when I am not using any adaptec copying programs… Please explain. Before this current version I saw no need for aspi drivers…Thanks

hmm… adaptec dont make any copying programs, however these drivers should fix alot of problems with the drives commuicatong with the computer. i would give them a try, just run the “aspiinst.exe” file then reboot, then try clonecd, if it doesnt work then you may want to try getting a old version of clonecd.

ben :slight_smile:

here are the 3 last major versions of CloneCD incase you cant get the very latest to work :slight_smile: .

CloneCD (latest)

ben :slight_smile:

From what I am used to… the aspi drivers are for use with scsi drives which I had on my old system… The xp operating system doesnt need aspi drivers since all my drives are ide. But I will install them to see what happens…thanks again.

CloneCD shiould not use ASPI drivers, it was based not to use ASPI drivers as it does RAW writting which ASPI simply does not allow.

yes but i think that aspi would detect if it was a cd or dvd in the drive.

ben :slight_smile:

Doesnt quite work like that. ASPI has to be called up by the program in question to make any difference. CloneCD doesn’t do this. Thus it wont make any difference.

Extra note for thewiz: ASPI is not just for SCSI Drives, its for IDE Drives also, but CloneCD shouldnt be using ASPI Drivers as its a RAW writting based writting tool.

Programs like Nero usually install their own version of ASPI in their own directory.
Easy way to proove this point, run Nero Info Tool which comes with Nero under the ASPI area. :slight_smile:

Can anyone shead light on why ver of clonecd see a cd as a dvd after using CloneDVD 2 to copy a disk??? the previous version has no such defect? This is very strange and I have reverted to the older version of clonecd…btw I removed plus all instances in the registry that pointed to clonecd before re installing the older version…I have a plextor 708dvd writer and an LG dvd reader…thanks