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 [B]CloneCD 2004-09-16[/B]

- New: Workaround for SafeDisc 3 blacklisting
- New: Can now emulate SafeDisc 3 weak sectors
- New: Can now copy SafeDisc 3 protected DVDs
- New: Can now copy SafeDisc 3 protected CDs
- New: DVDs can now be saved as .iso files
- New: Silent Mode for installer (option /S)
- New: NEC (and compatible) DVD Writers will now write
  DVD+R Dual Layer with booktype set to DVD-ROM
- New: Added DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW to "Hide CDR-Media"
- Fix: Single drive DVD copy
- Fix: Write Speed setting for DVD media
- Change: no longer accepts elby keycodes
  elby Customers may contact SlySoft support for a special
  upgrade offer
- Change: Removed "About" Sound
- Change: "Hide CDR Media" is now switched off by default
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

Did anyone already test a SD3-protected game?

Are there any DVD writers out there capable of writing the SafeDisk3 Weak sectors…? or is Daemon Tools and an ISO the only answer at the moment…?

Finally there is again development of this great piece of software!
Now, an idea: (if it isnt already implemented) What about a “built in” feature with twinpeaks for securom backups? Im sure blackcheck will accept a discussion with Slysoft about the terms… It would make it more convenient than the “make ccd-image,make BWA-file, run twinpeak and then finally burn modified image” method.
And then of course we have the latest Starforce…

Version 5.0.22 released…2 updates in one day! However, this version is just to reset the trial period time limit.

Would be nice to see integrated twinpeaks…i don’t think starforce 3 will be done anytime soon though.

CloneCD Revision History

CloneCD 2004-09-17

  • Change: Reset of trial period

Is this version still blacklisted by Ubisoft games?

Finally … but great to see that they are still working on it!!

Keep it up guys.

Tried it with Doom 3, shame it will only play if CloneCD is Installed, and Hide CD is Ticked… Still its getting there

So the Other product out there is still the best (will not mention it by name) but it gives 120% on what it does, :slight_smile:

Yes, I did:

Doom3 (Eurpean) CD - No problem.
FarCry (UK) DVD - No problem.

It looks like hide CDR must be enabled while playing.

I tried FarCry (UK) DVD Version (SafeDisk 3.2, I believe?) and copied it with CloneCD. Copy works fine from DVD-RW. Image runs fine in VirtualCloneDrive.

Hello, I stopped using CloneCD for a long time, may be this will make me change my mind (and get CloneCD demonstration version) .

Anyway, I’m surprised that you are able to create a perfect Farcry DVD backup because I noticed that with Alcohol 120% the DVD backup size is bigger than the original DVD (and its image) and I thought that it was due to DVD writer writing mode .

So my question is :
Are DVD backup and DVD original one exactly the same (for FarCry) in term of final DVD size (sector numbers) ?

Thanks and go on .

Olivier (not Olli !)

Anyone know if the “amplify weak sector” option has been improved…or is it just the “emulate” option at the moment?

Thats ok, it appears that the new version of clonecd was blacklisted before it even came out, those of you that got Doom 3 working, use the Doom 3 beta patch and then check out what happens, it finds the emulation software. So here is my question, How is it that a beta patch released about 10 days ago maybe even two weeks ago can blacklist the new version of clonecd before it was even released?
I have two different computers running Doom 3, one of them is patched with the beta patch, and only running clonecd. The other is running Doom 3 unpatched and only clonecd.
The unpatched version of Doom 3 with hide cdr media ticked will play fine
The beta patched version of Doom 3 with hide media both ticked and unticked will not work.

I have both Sims 2, cd and dvd version.
Alcohol120% copied cd version successfully.
The latest CloneCD (with safedisc 3 capability???) failed miserably with both versions.

Hello everybody,

It would be preferable to indicate the name of the drive who work with this game protection

:bow: Please state which burner (make and type) you used.

I backed up Rome:Total War and Sims 2 using Clone CD 5, although with emulation. You have to enable “Hide CD-R media” in the clonecd tray.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: