CloneCD 4 vs. newer versions

Ok, here’s a question. I presently have CloneCD, and it’s served me very well over the years. My question(s) is(are) regarding making backups of soon-to-be-released copy protected audio CD’s.

  1. Is it worth it to upgrade to the newer version (with lifetime upgrades) for these newer protection schemes, or should the old standby continue to work effectively?

  2. How about running the old and new versions side by side? I doubt that it would be a good idea, but there is the off chance that they are “different enough” (hey, at least the paths are different) to perhaps be OK.

Just looking for some opinions before our $10 coupon expires on the 18th :slight_smile:

Wow. Over 130 views and no recommendation of the upgrade? I guess that’s a pretty resounding NO!

Well for what it’s worth, I haven’t upgraded to CloneCD 5, but that is only because I have been able to back up all the things I wanted to back up with and some other app or utility. I can’t even remember the last time I fired it up on my computer in fact.

Having said that my gaming has been cut back dramatically and I just don’t have the need to any more. With CloneCD reading and TwinPeak patching I’ve been able to copy SecuROM upto 4.8.x and with Fireburner writing I’ve been fine with SafeDisk up to 3.20.

On the audio front, with AnyDVD removing the audio protection from the CD on-the-fly my backups for the car don’t require anything later either.

Data disks are just that - data. Never had an issue there.