CloneCD 4 Skin "Golden Sun" available



Hi all,

first of all, nice forum. :slight_smile:

Secondly I have made 3 CloneCD 4 Skins and they are ready for download on my site.

Take a look at this one:

Grab it @:

Have fun with it, and any kind of feedback is welcome.



P.S.: It's a german page, click on Skins(@ the Topframe) and go for gold... :wink:


Nice ones :smiley: Would be great if more people would show off their artwork… I’ve used the ‘BMW’ skin (also on you page I see) for a really long time (too bad it isn’t red like my own BMW :D)


Some nice skins m8. :slight_smile:

Any other members with any more that they would like to share?


Too bad it’s only possible to skin the buttons…
I mean, different colors on dialog’s and stuff would cheer up… sometimes… :slight_smile:

Wohoo! My 200th post! Yehaw! :slight_smile:


Is there an English Version of these skins?


Originally posted by DJ1Luv
Is there an English Version of these skins?

They will come up as English. What the pic shows is Clone with “German” language selected m8.


Hi and sorry for bringing the post to the top again… :wink:

I am glad you like the Skin.

Hehe, the BMW-Skin… :smiley:
I have a red 316i, 10 yrs old, but the car still rulz. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for feedback. I will let you know, when a new Skin is ready to go. (and if it is worth to mention though ;))



Thanks for the skins, there great. Working on any more?


Originally posted by ant4bud
Thanks for the skins, there great. Working on any more?

Thanks for feedback buddy :slight_smile:

Well, yes, I was working on a new Skin (“Golden Sun” look-a-like) today, maybe it will be called “Shadows”, but I am not sure, if I should upload this one.

If you like this…

…I will repack the Bitmaps and upload them to my page. It’s not 100% my style, but maybe someone likes it… :smiley:

[Update]Skin is available on my Homepage.[/Update]



I like the style. Maybe not those colors. Also, in my opinion, some more simpsons ones would be cool. Maybe 1 character for each one. I think im going to try to figure out how to make some cloncd themes. :slight_smile: