CloneCD 4, Safedisc 2 and Fifa 2003

I just bought a Liteon CDRW 48x12x48 (48125S). I used the general settings for copying a game on CloneCD to copy Fifa 2003 Disc 2. It installed OK, but when it started it said that Fifa 2003 was not installed properly and I should reinstall :a What shall I do? Are there certain settings I am supposed to use on CloneCD?

Clone CD cannot backup Fifa 2003 at the moment unless you have an Asus 48x CD Writer. Use Discdump and Fireburner, Alcohol 120% or blindwrite suite.

What if I used the profile for Safedisc (no AWS) at Would that CloneCD profile work? I want to use CloneCD becaue Alcohol 120% and Blindwrite take about 6 hours to read the CD and CloneCD does it much quicker…


Sorry…that link was supposed to be

Try this. It worked for me.

I assume that you have a clone image of FIFA2003. Then you can just burn the image with fireburner (i used v2.1.7). I dont remember the right setting for the fireburner, but search this forum and you can find it. Load .img file only and burn it on a CD.

I successfully backed up FIFA2003 and NBA LIVE 2003 with liteon 32123S^^

CCDKing is correct in all aspects but look here