CloneCD 4 BETA 21 ready for download



I just posted the article CloneCD 4 BETA 21 ready for download.

And again Olli let’s us know a new version of CloneCD 4 has been finished. Another serious bug has been fixed in this version:

BETA 21 fixes a serious bug present in all previous CloneCD 4…

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Damn a nice Pace these updates come with :d


Cool, thank God I have ADSL! :7


Hey Ollie! Slow down! :slight_smile:


Olli you lazy bastard this was almost 2 days apart! :4 Good work Olli!


I agree with Everitt - Ur a right lazy sod. What were you doing in the day between? Having a life or something? LOL! Go on Olli!! U know a feature I’d love to have in CloneCD - the ability to burn .cue and .bin files :slight_smile:


Word, a Bin Cue would be sweet to be able to burn them in clonecd.


bincue in clonecd…I’d love it :slight_smile:


Good thing you fixed that major bug :slight_smile: as that is why I went back too CloneCD3341 and chose the settings myself, as on the copied cd it had read errors :frowning: Why noone reported this earlier is beyond me, maybe our minds don’t function the same :4 But I was aware,so I should have posted about it in the 1st beta :frowning: ah well Greetz from The Diplomat :8


Olli is god.does that guy ever sleep?these updates are coming thick and fast,but i love the idea of the .bin and .cue files being supported. :4


He’s the man ! :slight_smile:


Now whats wrong with the copies I made with CloneCD 4beta19… Should I be concerned about this read error which was added? Olli?


The topic of the post states all the facts, I suggest you take your time and read it again from the beginning :4 Greetz from The Diplomat:8


Interceptor, No shit, I see it says serious bug… But I would like to know about the CD’s I burned, this “read error” shouldnt be a problems when reading the entire disc? Arrrgh!


There is also CloneCD 4 beta 30 available works fine