CloneCD 4 BETA 21 available



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It fixes a serious bug in automatic Fast Error Skip, which was present in all previous CloneCD 4 BETA Versions.


I can not keep up with the new versions…goota love the tech support…I am away fro mthe computer for 1 day and we are up to beta 21…

thanks Olli


I like to know if Ollie has made something new in CCD 4 for Safedisk 2, because like I wrote CCD 4 can write Safedisk 2 with my HP CD Writer 16f and CCD 3 can’t.

A suggestion for future CCD versions:
Make default settings for more copyprotections, for example if you select to copy a game CCD 4 could ask if you know the protection. Know what I mean?

I like to go to write settings dialog without a CD inserted.

Could CCD 4 display if overburning is supported in the Device Capabilities? Nero says its not supported, but does this include CCD?


How mnay betas are there going to be before the full release of CloneCD? I as well can’t keep up :confused:


Olli - create as many betas as you want.:slight_smile:


every burning program will be beta no matter what if copy protections keep evolving…thus is the copy protections stop growing then there would be a final version.


Now is this read error that this serious bug adds to the burnt CD serious enough to corrupt the burnt CD?

Just want to know because I burnt a few audio CD’s of late with it and I would back them again if something is wrong…


I don’t think its serious. And if you don’t used the fast error skip there is no error on the disk.


Yea I thought so because I scanned those CD’s and there were no read errors on them… I used Nero CD Speed to test them… I was hoping that it would not have corrupted the read data and then written it back incorrectly!

Whew! :stuck_out_tongue:


Olli,Can you tell us when will the official Clonecd 4 release?We’re looking forward to it.