CloneCD 4 BETA 19 ready for download



I just posted the article CloneCD 4 BETA 19 ready for download.

Olli used our newssubmit to tell us that he hasn’t stopped working today (Does he ever sleep!?) and released CloneCD 4 Beta 19 (the second update today) which fixes a major bug:

A new CloneCD…

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Is the number 18 unlucky or something, Ollie?<br><br> Thanks dude!!! :slight_smile:


Yo Olli: GET SOME SLEEP! LoL. You work too hard dude. Relax!


Olli is just making up for those months on non updating slack bastard! j/k :4


Good on yah Ollie m8, it wasn’t long ago when I mentioned in a post that it was about time a new version was due :d I mean Clony was all of a sudden getting major updates, but no new CloneCD :frowning: Seems you have rectified this problem :4 I am still using CloneCD3341 as I can burn all SD2 protection with my Plextor 12/10/32s :slight_smile: I will no doubt be adding a liteon or Plextor x24 too my system which I believe doesn’t need aws ticked too make perfect copies. This will complement my existing writer which will then become the new reader, and my x40 pleXtor reader can be ditched once and for all :wink: Greetz from The Diplomat :8


on they say: “no changelog available on, but on www.cdfreaks it can be found”.