CloneCD 4 BETA 14 available now

I just posted the article CloneCD 4 BETA 14 available now.

Olli and FutureProof (our CD Freaks CloneCD forum Moderator) both used our newssubmit to tell us that a new CloneCD 4 beta version has been released:

This version fixes some bugs like…

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i’ll just wait for a non-beta version

Everitt - realistically, with software like this it makes no difference. He doesn’t have a budget for a huge test team and so we are always the ones doing the testing. He can call it beta or final and it makes no difference there will still be bugs in it and he will still fix them when they are reported. He could have been calling this CloneCD v4.0.14 and it’d be the same diff. And Olli - can you give us an option during installation as to whether we want autostart or not. I personally dont want it and find it a bit annoying that it presumes I want an extra program starting every time windows starts up. I dont do that much copying that I’d need access to it that speedily and I cant imagine the majority of people do more than a few copies a week at most.

Nila, right click the CloneCD icon in the system tray. There should be an autostart button. Click it to change setting. Dont know if you already knew that?

shouldn’t have been there an automated detection in it? well, i heard that, but i haven’t found any in b9…

is it me or what? d/l b14 on the english homepage, as it says, but after install its still b9 ??!!

@inssane : you probably downloaded a version that was still in your internet cache ? Try downloading it again. Hold CTRL when clicking on the link (this will clear the cache I think but not completely sure). I can assure you that beta 14 of CloneCD is there (installed it myself).

I am sorry too say that the older beta of this program couldn’t back up SD2 with my Plextor 12/10/32s :c so I went back too version, no probs :4 I will d/l this new version and test it too see if it works any better :7 Greetz from The Diplomat :8 I had too act like a real diplomat too calm my relations down, as they were all up tight cus they thought their exhaust which was make a banging noise was knackered, I checked, and its just missing a rubber seal for the backend as it goes through a mounting, and the rubber too stop it banging against the side has gone with age :frowning: but I carmed them down. I know this doesnt have much to do with CloneCD but I thought I would mention it anyway. Man some peeps are hard too plz :frowning:

Anyone had any success backing up the sims holiday/vacation its costing me a fortune in blanks. i tried CCD4 with and without betablocker.

Try using a CDRW if works off that, then you no you can duplicate it ok :slight_smile: One other thing, cd’s costing a fortune, where do you live? I can my blank cd’s for 6p. I suggest you change your supplier(LMAO)or take a long vaccation :7 Greetz from The Diplomat :8