CloneCD 4 and Audio CD problems



Heej d00ds,

Well hope it isn't posted here before, if it was, I'm sorry :smiley: really .. I am ! :smiley: :smiley:

But onto the question, since CloneCD went to version 4 and I along with it !
I have probs copying audio CD's !

I tried it on two different pc's, different cdrw's, ie. a philips PCRW804k and a LG 120832.
One pc is windows 2000 other is windows XP

The CD's are not protected, ie. Heather Nova - Siren and Within Temptation - mother earth.

When placed in an audio device then some songs stutter others dont work at all.

I always read audio at 4x and write the same !
DAE on my drives is accurate !

When I use blindwrite ... newest version, they do work ?!

Does anyone have this also, cuzz I always use clonecd for audio but now I dont anymore ! :frowning:

Lemme know !



Don’t know what your problem is, but I would recommend a specialist audio program like Exact Audio Copy or Feurio. CloneCD is specialized in backing up protected data cds!


perhapse the original cd’s are scratched? Because clone copies the scratches also. When you rip with Eac the error correction of cd audio will be used