CloneCD Won't Allow 'Amplify Weak Sectors'

Okay, so I have version of CloneCD and upon starting installation it tells me that because I am in the USA it will not allow me to enable the amplify weak sectors option. Nor show the option for hiding cd-r’s.

My question: I just got this new LiteOn SOHW-832S dual layer 8x dvd+/-RW drive. Do I need the amplify week sectors option to make a backup of Command & Conquer Generals. I have never gotten a backup to work and I was told this drive would possible allow me to make a REAL 1:1 copy - that worked.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Admiral Gilmore, out.

First of all i just wanta know where u got the CloneCD

To my notice the latest version that slysoft have is only

Err… I made an error upon checking it is actually That would explain a few things… Thanks. I will get the newer version and try again.

Admiral Gilmore, out.

You shouldn’t need it with your drive, but I haven’t heard a great amount of reports that it’s 2 Sheep, but since most LiteONs are it should be:)

there is an easier way to bypass this. just go into your system setings and change your language/location from english (U.S.) to English (Caribean). everything stays exactly the same…date/time format…currency…plus you get to use clonecd features which are not available if you live in the u.s. :slight_smile:

have fun!

You can also use any search machine and type CloneCD 4 Region Killer to get rid of your described problem Admiral_Gilmore :slight_smile: