CloneCD 4.2.01, SD2 and Plextor 12/10/32A and Toshiba 1612

Let me only report my own experiences with SD2 and the new CloneCD :
I use a plextor 12/10/32 A writer (not a two sheep burner) and a Toshiba 1612 DVD-ROM reader.

I try sucessfully to make a working back of The Sims on holidays (SD2 2.51) and Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (SD2 2.80) :

  1. With amplify weak sectors enabled : (previous SD2 profile)
    backups of two games works in Toshiba DVD-ROM and in Plextor
    writer (for the writer I have to use the “hide CDR media function”.
    NB : with 4.1.01 version, my backup didn’t work in the writer even if hide cdr media was in use (illegal …)

So, version really improves Amplify function.

  1. With Emulation weak sector on :
    I’ve only made a backup of the Sims on holidays (SD2 2.51)with the new profile (protected cd game) and try it in my DVD-ROM.
    This bakup works in the toshiba if Hide CDR media is on.

So this new version is really worthy. Thanks Ollie.

PS : 1) I haven’t tried a new Securom game , as I haen’t got any .
2) Blind Suite and enhanced weak sector is sucessfull too for me but I had to read the games in my writer with all subcodes read. the backup worked in my DVD-ROM.