CloneCD has been released - revolutionary?

I just posted the article CloneCD has been released - revolutionary ?.

Hauptbrandmeister and Sven from Elaborate Bytes used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of CloneCD has been released. The new version has many new features that seem to aim to make…

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Ollie is back!! :4

hehe what have i allways said ? :wink: BTW the people who have said that alcohol is better must now return using their shit, till they die in their fucking coasters

I had no doubts that Clone CD would be back on the scene. It is the best cd writing software there is available, and i reckon that it always will be. I have not tried Alcohol and to be fair, i don’t think i will, im not saying that Alcohol is a bad program, but when i am already using the best software available, then why should i change?

Can it create working images of latest Securom New now? If not then its not interessting

@buckler IT can… in combination with twinpeak

TwinPeak is a fake. This data manipulation is not better than a crack. That is not a real 1:1 copy. And it will not work with future versions of Securom new.

thats wrong twinpeak and similar engines (like the one in alcohol). Simply “add” the physical characteristics to the burned media its not modifying the data in any way. Or have you ever seen a program wich builds a crack for a cd by clicking only a button ? Gräfdig

GameJack and Alcohol only create images. They are 100% okay. But these Twinpeak doubles some sectors to fool the copy protection. That is not a real 1:1 copy. Its just luck.

It’s no way as good as alcohol or BWS, the version number’s only I want it to have at least 10 characters and to have to download an update every 6 hours.

I still think Alcohol is better. Every since EA patched battlefield 1942 I have not got a clonecd back up to work. Alcohol backs it up no problems.

An early Christmas box from Ollie…Yeehaa!

I promise: At the end CloneCD will be the better software, why ? The answer is simple: Elaborate Bytes have the most experience. Gräfdig

The twinpeaks method will be defeated, I’m almost positive.


and just when i was having a bad day… Thanx Ollie!!!

Twinpeak is neither a crack nor is it luck. It does not modify the data. What it does is enable a cd image to be written with conventional software so that the burnt cd mimics the physical structure of the original. In principle, this is no different to what any duplicating program does when copying a safedisc protected cd (in which case the copy mimics the physic structure of the original by writing unreadable data in place of the unreadable sectors of the original; it is not, however, a true 1:1 copy). The only difference is that the physical structure of the latest securom protected cds is much more difficult to mimic than that of a safedisc protected cd.

Hmm guys what about BlindSuite, that makes 1:1 copies yet you make no mention in this post. :frowning: Greetz The Diplomat :8

I think that competition between softwarare such as CloneCD or BW will only benefit the users. Keep up the Good work and soon theyll hopefully run out of ideas on copy protections and will simply give up. That way we will be able to back up our cds by using just Nero or any other burning program. …uhhh am i still dreaming??? :4

This version rocks!: - winXP crash due to the conflict between clonecd and my scsi adapter drivers disappeared -clonecd doesn’t overwrite my mounted linux drive. This shows that Olli is a serious programmer, and not such an idiot, like those at alcohol software, who blamed my computer, microsoft and whatever else, but never admitted their fault. -clonecd virtual drive has an icon and one can recognise it easily. this is very comfortable, because I have many virtual drives and never know which is which. other programmers should follow Olli’s example. I just got one problem now: since both programmes - BW and clonecd are so good - which one shall I use now? :4