CloneCD & Hide CDR Media

Seems as if the CloneCD forum has been eliminated, I no longer see it.
I just upgraded from CloneCD to the new and noticed that the “Hide CDR media” was visible on the CloneCD Tray. If I recalled correctly, this was supposed to be disabled in the US installations. Anyway, I unchecked it and disabled the tray at startup.
My concern however is for the sudden errors indicated by Nero Cd Speed on surface scans performed with any media on both my LTR-40125S w/ZSON (also when OC to LTR-48125W w/VS08) and my LTD-163D. These error were not prevalant in the past and I was just curious as to whether the new CloneCD update could be a contributing factor. I vaguely remember reading a while back that the “Hide CDR media” option has a negative effect or produced inaccurate readings in Nero CD Speed.

Has anyone else had this experience? Does anyone has any input?