CloneCD 4.001

Why do all my load profiles have the intellegent bad sector option enabled? I thought for SD 2.51 this would make a copy that didn’t work! [with my liteon]

i don’t like this auto option selection thingy - i may regress to But can someone please say if their 4.001 does the same thing (intellegent bad sector^^), so iknow if the problem is with me or the software.


I’ve never had a problem backing up anything by leaving all default options on. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can edit & create a new profile with it turned off if you wish.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” :wink:

Yes, all the profiles that came with my installation of CloneCD 4 have the intelligent bad sector option enabled. It doesn’t seem to affect my LiteOn LTR-40125S from doing copies of SafeDisk2 games, since I’m able to backup MOHAA, Max Payne, and Freedom Force with my LiteOn using the default Game CD profile, and all the backups work great. I’ve also made a couple audio CD copies too using the default audio CD profile, and those are fine too.

Personally, I think version 4 of CloneCd is much easier and quicker to use than version 3. I’m able to setup new profiles for backup testing and know later what settings I used. It’s very easy to enable and disable settings (such as the intelligent bad sector option) in the profiles to figure out what does and doesn’t work. I find it extremely flexible and myself wouldn’t even think about going back to the prior version.

^^thats fair enough.
i supose i ought to experimant a little first.
cheers Flashman

I have had a problem with my Litoen 24102B and SD2 using GameCD profile with MOHAA…my tosh 48x cdrom would not read it…it did read fine in my Liteon dvd and samsung 48 x cdrom at work…I used clone and the backup works fine in my tosh 48x…not sure what is wrong…but I was unhappy and I used both Game CD and a custom SD2 profile both failed in my tosh 48x reader…

see my thread here…

right now I have clonecd back on my system and not sure what to do…