CloneCD ready for download

I just posted the article CloneCD ready for download.

Oliver Kastl reported on our CloneCD forum that he has updated CloneCD to version This version brings some new functions to some drives and improves for example the audio extraction…

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Nice, keep it coming… :slight_smile:

AWS could accidently become enabled in Japan/USA I believe I’m going to love this :d

Although I live in Australia, I like the the concept of “aws could be accidently become enabled in Japan/USA” thanks Ollie Man

While you guyz look at that as a good thing I look at it as a bad thing… Like maybe it was able to be set accidently and Ollie ‘fixed’ so that it wouldnt… Guess we wont be able to tell till we try…!

olli fixed that bug… Not an added new feature, so… :slight_smile:

Anyone know why CloneCD makes my Lite On 40x12X48 burn real slow? It takes around 4-5 minutes per CD, while Nero would take 3 minutes for almost anything.

could it be because of the smartburn??? turn it off and it might work better

Speed Ain’t Everything! If It Copies 1-1 & Takes A Couple Extra Minutes, Who Cares Really As Long As You Get Results.