The site isn’t up to date but there’s a new Clonecd
What’s New:

  • Added RAW-SAO support for Plextor DVD-Combo drive PX-320A
  • Modified online help to reflect structural “Supported Writers” changes
  • Added Persian language
  • Updated Swedish language.

Finally Persian language. I have waited so long for that.:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

were did you download it??

I didn’t because I can’t find it. But the changes are already in the version history.:o


were did you find the change log info???

It even has the date as 7-16-02, strange, unless he’s getting ready to release a new update…
It’s on the EB web site, under the Revision History link…



i found it…

i posted it on the chat also…i think they are phoning Olli about it

Not that much bug fixes…:frowning:

yes, it is released now at

Regards, sven


When are you going to join our chat Sven ? :wink: