CloneCD + LTR 32123S

Anyone know if the LiteOn 32123S using CloneCD is able to burn working backups of games using SafeDisc 2.51, and above? I can’t get workking backups of Max Payne v1.05 (which uses new SafeDisc), Need For Speed “Hot Pursuit 2”, and MechWarrior 4 “Black Knight” (once updated to v1.0, it uses a newer SafeDisc).

I made a 1-1 copy of Max Payne using Alcohol software. This program rocks!!!

Was it the v1.0 release, or the newer v1.05. The v1.00 uses an older SD protectyion which CloneCD has no problem. CloneCD can do the newer version of SafeDisc as well, but the CDRW drive has to support SafeDisc 2.51, and newer. If the drive doesn’t support it, neither will Alchol do any good.

Liteys and CloneCD can copy all safedisc revisions except for 2.8 (NFS Hot Pursuit 2). For 2.8 you need to use some other programs, read this and be amazed.
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Your Litey can do it, only it’s a bit more complicated now…this as well.