CloneCD released and new Elby website

I just posted the article CloneCD released and new Elby website.

NeoTheHacker, SkullCoder, DDay , swede_242 and Ljugtomten used our newssubmit to tell us that CloneCD has arrived and it seems to be the final Clone CD 4 version. Besides that the Elaborate…

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Weeee!!! Finally (no pun intended)!!! :slight_smile:

For some reason, when I try to load the program, my virus program states that the clonecd.exe is suspect: Win32.Gen.TSR.Virus and access to the file was denied. Beta 30 never did that. What gives?

I LOVE the short animiation. but I do not understand some of the german. Can anyboy translate it into english, please?

the animation says CloneCD 3… not 4… strange.

I hope THIS version will finally copy my recently self-made cd, which was not copied by ANY version of CCD. The CD contained a 2,8 MB bootable image in combination with overburn. Trying now…

TheTarbaby: My NAV 2002 didn’t report anything… man: You must have downloaded the german version, duh! phes: What animation are you talking about???

Can anyboy translate it into english, please?
Sure: Daten CDs = Data CDs Audio CDs = Audio CDs Multimedia CDs =Mutlimedia CDs Spiele CDs =Game CDs Schnell = Fast Einfach = Simple Besser = Better Fur schafe 46 Euro = For 46 Euro,- CloneCD ist einfach gut = CloneCD is simply good

Dominator, u missed the ‘b’ in the source url! :slight_smile:

Woops! Fixed, thanks ! :slight_smile:

We don’t do Euro’s in the UK :wink: greetz from The Diplomat :8 B.T.W Nice Work Ollie :4

Strange things happen with this release: - I can’t adjust the read speed anymore. It’s always at the max -IE or Outlook doesn’t start when CloneCD is reading a disc

Is this version of Clone CD any good for Safedisc 2 protected games? If not, I’m going back to CloneCD 3.

yo does anyone have the rego key for clonecd 4 or how can you trick into letting you use it after the trial period