CloneCD 3.x Yamaha Bug Possible?


Iam having a Yamaha 2100s burner with firmware 1.0n but using it with CloneCD v3.x seemes to be a nightmare. When i tried to make a backup of SimCity 3000 it stopped burning around 35% and my harddisk starded to sound like an airplane!! Then an error message came up saying, medium error padding blocks added…Whats the problem then? Default buffer set to high maybe??
When i used CloneCD v2.0.5.2 everything worked perfectly. Well there still seemes to be some minor bugs in v3.x that must be fixed…


It’s not your harddrive, but your burner have a malfunction that keeps it spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning, uhhh what a nightmare. My Yamaha made the 70 db line. Very inimpressive. So by all means sell that shit.

Hi Zyron,

Nope, i will not sell my Yamaha 2100s. I know its spinning alot and make some noise but instead there is no other burner that stable. I have made 1 coaster of 300 cdrs burned and it was with Nero, and we know that Nero sometimes has problems with the buffers. So it is not my burner, it is CloneCD 3.x that causing the trouble. All version from - works great, iam sure its the on the fly options who causes problem, the default buffer is set to high. And lets go back to the old GUI cause v3.x looks horrible and have anoying menu`s…


I agree with you Merlin on the GUI of CloneCD v3 but don’t forget that Newbie’s will really appreciate this feature… Of course for the more experienced user it’s just annoying but I can live with it.

But if you really dislike it you could just go back to version 2…