Clonecd 3 cannot install

Just tried to Install clonecd from disk bought from Elby. When trying to Install keep getting error message D:\CLONECD\Profiles\CD-Rom.ccp

An error occured during move data process -117, component program files.

With help of Futureproof have already tried several different ways to Install. No success so far. Have tried copying files to HDD and removing read only, have tried running msconfig and disabling startup then running Install, this same message still keeps coming up.

Comp is Time Ultimate with LG cd-rom and Samsung combo firmware bso5 that worked with a trial version a friend borrowed me, worked perfectly.

If I download another trial version from web I still get the error message when I try to install.

Can anybody please help. Thanks Futureproof for your patience.

I don’t know what kind of suggestion FutureProof already gave you but without more info on your OS, etc. we can’t help you :frowning: