CloneCD 3 &4

Hi all

I most say I am sorry for asking this I know someone asked
befor but I can’t find it. Can CloneCd 3 & 4 run on the same
system? And if so what do I need to do. I do have two HD
one is C and the other is D. Can one be on D and the other
on C. To run right?


Why would you want to run clone cd 3 and 4 both at same time?

clone cd 4 is an official realease now and it should work just as good if not better than clone cd 3.

if u dont like tha version 4 just use clone cd 3. :slight_smile:

is there something you are trying to do???

I would like to play with it first. Do your know if it can be done?
I love CloneCD to and I would still like to play with v4 first befor I
delete v3.


well if u have to os’es installed (windows 98 and xp) u can but other than that i dont know how it can be done.

and like i said it is really useless to use em both at once since in almost all situations the newest version of clone cd is tha best :slight_smile:

just delete version 3 but keep tha install file on hard drive in case ya wanna go back to version 3

Check this thread:

(I still haven’t tested it… let me know if it works!)

Yes, the solution in that thread works well, I’ve been running that way since it was posted both versions function as expected.

Thank you

I will check it out.