CloneCD released

Oli 0wnz :slight_smile:

I just posted the article CloneCD released.

C’est la vie used our newssubmit to tell us that there is a new version of CloneCD available, here is the changelog:

Bug fixes:

Some Titles (e.g. FIFA2002) didn’t start, if…

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Still does Not work with an HP 8320e Anymore :frowning:

Go Olli, go Olli, go Olli, GO!! RUDE!!! He’s finally realised that us in the UK deserve these features. We love u dude :slight_smile:

I am frustrated that the new features don’t install in the u.s. install - is there a trick to getting it fooled into thinking i am not in usa for the install?

Stvastva, there is a way to fool your computer into thinking you are in a different country. Set it to a different country and that will do it, by going into the regional settings in the Control Panel and set it to Canada or something, just not the USA or Japan. Then run regedit, press Ctrl+F and search for “Amplify Weak” and modify that value from 0 to 1.

it still does not have Amplify weak sectors in the UK

Grrrr! I have tried 3 times to install the latest CD Clone version from elby, but I keep getting “Trial version has expired”…Yes, I did have an older trial version last year, but I uninstalled it first. I even went through my Registry and deleted any remnants of the old version…What gives?