CloneCD & DVD Region Killer 2 out now

I just posted the article CloneCD & DVD Region Killer 2 out now.

NetterMann used our newssubmit to tell us that there is a new version of CloneCD.

It seems like there comes no end on the stream of news about CloneCD. Today there is again a new version AND a…

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I said it before and i will say it again : WE LOVE OLLIE!!! :4

Enough with the we love ollies! Keep it to one thread! :wink: He’s a genius, but I don’t love him, he he! :slight_smile:

No longer works with Hp 8320e USB cd-writer… Anyone else experience this ? :frowning:

Is there an ftp site that these latest files are available from? I haven’t even managed to get yet, even that’s not available for downloading from Olli’s site! Give details of ftp site!!!

i cannot get this “Amplify Weak Sectors” option to work, even with the reg.key set to 1, and the dutch local settings it WON’T work ! Anyone else with this problem ? (i run xp pro)

You have more chance getting an answer on our forum:

Thanks guys for deleting my post regarding CD Master Clone! All I wanted too know is if Ollie could incorporate a routine to autodetect the protection on the cd, and make a 1:1 copy without the need for a 3rd party program called Clonyxl which detects and passes the required parameters over too CloneCD. Does it not make sense for Ollie to compete with CD Master Clone, and knock it from its spot. I will be offended if u delete this post again ok :4 Let Ollie read it and make his own mind up, indeed let all the visitors make there own mind up, don’t judge me as an individual trying to give Ollie some contructive advice. :8 GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

No one deleted your post ! It’s still there !

It’s a little strange that I have typed this same article out twice now as I can no longer find it on the other topics relating to CloneCD.

take ID 2981

germy: I have the same problem with CloneCD. I can´t get “Amplify Weak Sektors” too. I have WinXP PRO ENGLISH. CZECH Local Setings and this it won´t work… :c I tested regedit and change 0 to 1 and nothing happend!! Help!! Have someone the same problem?