CloneCD is available

I just posted the article CloneCD is available.

A new version of the burning program CloneCD is available! This time it’s version

News Features:

Hardware requirements updated.

Ricoh 7163A added.

Better handling of…

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“RAW-DAO 94”…What is about? With the arrival of new CloneCD v3.0.7.2, a new writing mode is introduced: “RAW-DAO 94”. It supports: 2352 bytes RAW Data + 94 Bytes P-W Subchannel Data. Same as RAW-DAO 96, but 2-Bytes CRC of the Q Subchannel are generated by the writer. This new mode is “invented” from CloneCD author, since all Acer drive which write 96 bytes subchannel data always correct the CRC in the Q-Channel. In other words: ACER drives can write CD-Text and CD+G CDs but they DON’T write LibCrypt CDs correctly.

I see 2 new items that I think could be for SafeAudio and MediaCloQ protection schemes for audio CD’s… Anyone know what the do?: “Better handling of Audio CDs which do not comply to Red Book IEC908 standard” “Better handling of CDs with incorrect Session Information in TOC” Hope its good! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jee jee… new CloneCD… have to get when I reach home… :slight_smile: