CloneCD SAO support



I just posted the article CloneCD SAO support….

Submitted by: Dzjee and many others

Oliver Kastl did what we expected and added the SAO writing method, that makes that more CD writers are supported !


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this is great! although, it still isn’t a good enough reason to upgrade…(my cd burner is supported in an earlier version, and works flawlessly [at least, I think so anyway]


i’m beginning to wonder why anybody would bother with SAO recording mode… it seems to have less features than pure RAW writing…

and of course SAO writing won’t work with Safedisc etc.


safedisc can be copied in sao raw. there’s one or two other copy protects that can be copied in sao raw also, but that’s it.


well for starters not all burners support pure raw writting and you could copy safe disk with sao i did it and i know you could !


safedisk has no problem with sao writing and last but not least it´s clonecd what do we want more



sorry bout that…


what about a serial for , yamaha 8,2,24
does not support 2x speed!!
it took me 74 minutes to burn
(by the way it works!!!)


Yeah! this would be fine.i wanna burn 6x with my ricoh at last,cause my philips doesnt burn 4x with cheap cdr´s.


please give me serial for clone cd 2513 !!!


Could you please give methe serial for CloneCd


U can burn SAFEDISK in Sao, i tried it with a rw and The Sims!!!


PLZ could s/o send me the s/n for 2513

i need it i’m hating 2x burning


Pleeeaaassse send me the key too


Would you Please send me the key for Clone Cd v2.5.1.3


serial required for clone cd,
I thank you


Serial needed for Clone CD v2.5.1.3, too!
Many THX!! :-))


add me to the list of serial numbers needed


i tried to burn an ap with my
Teac CDRS 58S, but clonecd (ver. tells me my recorder is not support!?!?!
Anyone an idea??

please need serial for clonecd - Thanks


serials aren’t posted here anymore, cdfreaks got in trouble with olli. goto the forums at or if all you guys need a serial that bad, then fuckin buy the prog. its WELL worth it. $49


CloneCD v2.5.1.3
Name: Clinton Walker