CloneCD WoRkInG --> Read it here!

Hi, this tut is to make CloneCD version working registered on your PC. This will ALSO work if you have/had a newer version of CloneCD installed. You need ALL the following files:

Uninstall your current version of CloneCD this way (DO NOT delete the files on your own!):

Start --> Options --> Configurations (this may be a bit different, I don’t have an english version of Win98).

Choose Software. Click on CloneCD and choose remove. CloneCD will be deïnstalled automatically.

Now let’s remove the register and win.ini with all CloneCD shit. First we’ll do win.ini. You need the CCDRegFx.exe file for this one. It says it will also clean the registry, but this doesn’t work good

And now the register. For this you need the file. Extract the .ini file to somewhere in your harddisk. Right-click on it, and choose “Install”. Now your register is clean, you won’t see a window popup or something.

The CloneCD version listed above (and ONLY the CloneCD version listed above) can installed and registered. Install the program, enter the serial at (didn’t upload the serial here, CD Freaks will get in trouble) and happy burning!

Worked at my place! Plzz add your experience with these files

Bit late with this info check out General Chat

yeah, we’ve already been discussing this since v2.4.1.2 came out. our collection of posts is kind of like a tutorial…