CloneCD released



I just posted the article CloneCD released.

And again a new version of CloneCD This time the only new feature is:

Added option to enable or disable Auto Insert Notification (Windows 2000 only)

That’s not much and it seems that the…

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here my own serial numer

Name: Carol Fetherston
1073FF703B360EB5408B8D470CE789AD1A7AC 3949B6225EB0B4A9093CBE414BEB00F2AE3A8502 3E6E44A04CA5F4B58567C34DF5C3CD0B4A220C4571 1D1001BBF

have fun!


This serial doesn’t work… For god’s sake it even has space characters in it!!!


this is the first serial to work with v2.x.x.x that i found. the exact build it worked with is you need to combine all the lines into one wrap around line. the space towards the end has to be there too!


If you think it works (which is not the case whatsoever) post the serial with the right wrapping for others to use… If you say it works with v2.0.2.4 then you are late pal there is anm earlier post with the right format as you say but not for v2.0.2.5



That should be the right format for v2.0.2.4


Anyone have serial for clonecd



If the only new feature is the auto insert option, then why not just stick 2 version The serials are easy enough 2 find. (Sorry, I don’t have 1 handy…:0)


I am trying to put back version, but it will not let me anymore. The serial worked before and now it will not work,I do not understand any suggestions???


Check Recording Underground and check the info about re-installing CloneCD v2.0.2.4



A lot of thanx to TheNetMech!!! Appreciated


So where can you download


Get v2.0.2.4 here:


hehe, this is so funny, every time a new version is out a new serial is needed, and people are going nutz if they don’t find one. Well I got a hint for ya’all… REGISTER, then you get a serial that works all the time! good huh?


Keep on using the version with “Carol” ! Before installing this version, delete the
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareElaborate Bytes
registry info, then re-install the software. You can download the v2.0.2.4 version and a registry-file at this page:
Have fun !


Isn’t here any there is wise enough to make a Keygen ???


you are all nuts…
one of the most lamer-friendly
copy prog in the universe, and all you have to do is too
seek for stolen serials…
maybe,there will be no new version,and what will you do then?
most of you will pay hundreds
of dollars to get the hardware to use this tool,but the software itself is too expensive???

the world is sometimes really
strange,isnt it?


frankly, i guess it doesn’t matter how many spaces are inbetween the digits. all i was saying, is that the way it worked for me was exactly what i stated before. after it registers correctly, you don’t have to register again. that is unless you have a few registry keys giving clonecd the clue its stolen, as stated in previous posts.


So you mean that if I tweak the registry after I install over it is going to be registered as normal? Cool


I have registered the program. It is the greatest. We should be thankfull that this person has created this program. We owe him more than $69.00. Do not fail to support someone who is supporting us. Please.