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Vampire-x used our news submit form to tell us that Elaborate-Bytes released another version of CloneCD. This time the changes are:

Compatibility fixes:
CloneCD.vxd changed to reduce memory…

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Sounds maybe stupid,but I’m just a beginner.
Can i use clone cd with my plextor 8x4x32 and a Toshiba dvd player?
In the Requirements says 3x no and 3 x yes I don’t get it :wink:
thanx Slaine


Hi Slaine…

The problem with your CloneCD should in writing activity, as both Plextor 8x and 12x do not support RAW-mode writing: you can read cds but can’t burn them.

Anyway, Plextor should soon release a new firmware version which will make the new burners able to write in RAW-mode.


No they won’t
Plextor has agreed not to sell a good recorder because raw-writing improves piracy actions. We just have to buy a different brand then…:slight_smile: