Clonecd serial needed!



anyone got serial for clonecd
plz post here or email me!!




me too


Is it true that if u use illigal key codes your HD will be formatted.


Pestkop your a pestkop,
crossposting NO!

answer = no


Me too guys.

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If you type ‘format c:\ /u’ you will format your harddisk indeed! Don’t talk bullshit, CloneCD does not format you’re HD. Try to keep this dumb stories out of this world please…



hmmmm, scorpion – if your head was as big as your ass, you would know that if you try n use the old version keys with the new release, that a message pops up and asks if you wish to format your harddrive. the only option (i think) is yes, so there ya go.


Sqauqe…you are an idiot
it is just a joke to scare people…doesnt do crap…


This post from Olli was on cdrsoft forum it should put all the people worried that there hard drive will be formated if they use a pirate serial.Hi,
you quoted me:

>> Now Olli clearly states that
“CloneCD will never write coasters and will never harm your computer, when an invalid or stolen code is entered. This is not only illegal according to the law in certain countries, it is also bad style, and I don’t like software, that contains a “ticking time bomb” of some sort. Who knows, if this bomb is triggered someday accidently?” <<

Exactly. So, who wants to play dare and click ok?

Come on, guys! The “click ok to format” message was a joke! And a cool one, too! (I personally like, that the message shows on the next reboot)
This box is just displayed, to bring you the message “I could harm you, if I want”. I won’t, of course!
No more humor left here?


by the way what is a coaster ???


Mee Too

Plz Msg


I could have posted it myself Ph0enix, of course it’s illegal to damage someones computer. If a company ever dares to do that kinda thing, it’ll soon be out of money, paying off claims.


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The “Junior” members know-it-all, just like teenagers today!

By-the-way, why don’t you geniuses just use Clone v.2021???
It works fine for me & the serial’s all over the place!!


vinculum, if you dont know what a coaster is, you shouldnt be here, but anyway, it’s a bad-written cd that no longer works, so you put duct tape or something in the hole and then use the disc as a coaster!


There is a cheat inside CloneCd 2023.
Don’t try to use Andreas Minge or other stolen codes otherwise you will
prompt to format your hard disk at the reboot! There is just a way to
bypass this warning : ctrl-alt-canc and close the clonecd running task.
I hope to help some1 in this way


Install Clone 2023 , save clonecd.exe , remove the rest
Install Clone v.2021 , use serial .
Replace clonecd.exe with the saved one .
If you use it , PAY FOR IT , but i don’t like to be BLACKMAILD