CloneBD V1.0.2.6 BD Media Converter Discussion Thread



CloneBD 2015-01-05

[li]New: Preliminary support for Chromecast (full support in a couple of days)[/li][li]Fix: Crash when reading unusually long descriptors. [#670 #670, #673, #677, #678, #679, #684, #685, #692, #698, #706][/li][li]Fix: Crash in some situations when disc has been removed after transcoding [#668][/li][li]Fix: “A Million ways to Die in the West” has line breaks authored into the disc description, resulting in a non-writable output file name. Removing line breaks now. [#865][/li][li]Fix: Apply correct bitrate, when no actual recompression is required[/li][li]Fix: When titles got trimmed, intime and outtime values in .clpi and .mpls files sometimes weren’t updated accordingly.[/li][li]Fix: Crash when saving project data for discs with many streams.[/li][li]Fix: Some AVC streams are now decoded correctly[/li][li]Fix: Better support for playback in Quicktime (though it does not fix all issues yes)[/li][li]Fix: Improved handling of matroska containers[/li][li]Fix: Faster x264 encoding[/li][li]Fix: More AVC restrictions for playback on some hardware players (Panasonic)[/li][li]Fix: Improved audio floating-point handling[/li][li]Fix: Fome issues with audio distortion (EAC-3, MLP)[/li][li]Fix: Improved handling of MPEG-4 ISO containers (aka .mp4)[/li][li]Some minor fixes and improvements[/li][li]Updated languages[/li][/ul]


many more changes and new features coming soon. Stay tuned. I think you will find this version a bit more user friendly and it doesn’t stop here by a long shot.:bigsmile:


thanks will give a try still on xxx.5


[QUOTE=pigpenz;2744677]thanks will give a try still on xxx.5[/QUOTE]
Let us know how you make out.:wink:


Gota wait on my side need to order me some blank BD-R DL before backing up my ISO BD images back to media…to free up HDD space… :cool:


so far everything has worked great, only problems I run into isn’t your program but Nero BLu ray player locks the drive shut so have to reboot to get a disk out