CloneBD Update Announcements Only



New 2018-04-12

  • improved: HEVC encoder - better Windows 32-bit plus XP, Vista support
  • improved: Intel hardware acceleration stability
  • changed: nVidia hardware AVC encoder adds VUI information
  • fixed: fields interlaced PAL
  • improved: HEVC parsing
  • fixed: exceptions caused by invalid PMT (corrupted source data) beta 2018-03-28
  • fixed: possible crash when copying stream files w/o video from UHD source
  • changed: allow to deselect audio/subtitle streams with partial copies and “keep original menu”, when
    playlist has subpaths
  • fixed: (cosmetic) retain auxiliary stream information for HD audio over sessions
  • changed: always show create log file button
  • fixed: Ultra HDs with AVC 1080p video
  • fixed: nVidia decoder aftefacts on Ultra HD input
  • fixed: scale error with 1080p on Ultra HD source
  • new: option to autosave log files after every conversion (default: on)
  • new: add format BD-R(E) XL for burning (experimental)
  • changed: video limiter to protect maximum muxrate in case of high audio bitrates beta 2018-03-22
  • fixed: scaling artefact occurred when converting 3D source to MKV top/bottom format
  • fixed: descriptor 05 output for HEVC (caused CloneBD to not read its own UHD copies correctly)
  • fixed: frame rate for fields encoded NTSC
  • fixed: AUD NAL unit now grouped correctly
  • fixed: MKV HEVC private header (CodecPrivate)
  • fixed: regression: lossless UHD to MKV would not play on all players
  • fixed: regression: playlists with subpaths were not handled correctly
  • fixed: autoadjust preselected output size, when toggling Dolby Vision removal beta 2018-03-14
  • fixed: support for more UHD discs
  • fixed: lossless copy of HEVC to Matroska (.mkv)
  • fixed: VC-1 playback for some BBC blu-ray titles
  • new: option to remove DolbyVision
  • fixed: LPCM decoding on some audio Blu-rays
  • fixed: DTS-HD decoding on some Japanese Blu-rays
  • fixed: transcoding for some blu-ray titles with rapidly changing video bitrate
  • improved: hardware video encoding on AMD GPUs
  • improved: HEVC software encoding
  • improved: AVC video encoding parameters to support more hardware players
  • fixed: retain Dolby Vision SEI
  • fixed: support format changed in clpi for Dolby Vision
  • new: downconvert Ultra HD to Blu-ray with HDR to SDR conversion and removal of UHD extension (partial copies only)
  • fixed: misbehaving progress bar on UHD source beta 2018-02-05
  • Fix: UHD multiplexing
  • Fix: Atmos audio tracks
  • Fix: HEVC with HDR meta data
  • Improved: better support for XP on Win32 machines
  • many minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages

#102 2018-04-16

  • Fix: incorrect bitrate limiter could randomly cause very low quality output
  • Fix: m2ts output PMT randomly missing streams
  • a few minor fixes and improvements

#103 2018-05-18

  • fixed: deadlock in certain situations at the beginning of clip-transitions
  • fixed: calculation of DisplayWidth/Height fields in .mkv
  • fixed: HEVC software decoder
  • fixed: AC-3 parser for some Japanese disks
  • improved: stability of Intel hardware acceleration with interlaced video
  • fixed: truncation of some interactive graphics subpaths
  • fixed: correct detection of Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 audio
  • fixed: lossless copy of DD+ dependent substream
  • many minor fixes and improvements



Download: beta 2018-06-21

  • new: on partial copies automatically stick forced subtitles to the associated audio language.
    When no particular subtitle is chosen, player automatically displays the forced subtitle (if present) matching the audio language.
    Note: during playback, this requires use of the popup menu generated by CloneBD when switching languages.

  • fixed: decoding of VC-1 PAFF

  • fixed: decoding of VC-1 (bottom lines no longer green)

  • fixed: decoding of HEVC (UHD) with multiple SPS

  • fixed: decoding of HEVC (multiple issues)

  • fixed: encoding to AAC has no longer distortions

  • fixed: encoding to AAC now complies with recommendation for MP4 files

  • fixed: lossless copy of Dolby Atmos

  • fixed: BD subtitles in .mkv streams when copied as 3D

  • fixed: snapshot generation for some BDs

  • many minor fixes and improvements

  • updated languages

#105 2018-09-27

  • new: support for clip transitions with inconsistent number of subtitle streams in MKV/MP4 files
  • new: support for clip transitions with inconsistent number of audio streams
  • fix: 3D subtitles in MKV files with side-by-side frames
  • fix: playback of 96 kHz LPCM streams
  • fix: lossless copy of 96/192 kHz LPCM streams
  • fix: unstable intel hardware acceleration
  • improved: more variants of Dolby Atmos supported
  • improved: decoding and handling of subtitles with odd dimensions
  • fix: playback of MPEG-2 videos generated by Japanese BD recorders
  • fix: PAFF/MBAFF decoding of some Japanese BD recorders
  • fix: VC-1 decoding created broken frames
  • improved: continuity check for movies with intermediately changing stream properties, better auto-clipping
  • improved: HEVC encoder optimizations
  • improved: AVC encoder optimizations and scalability
  • fix: handling of HEVC encoding if computer is too slow
  • fix: improved HEVC decoder for more UHD support
  • improved: AAC encoder no longer generates distorted sound in certain movie scenes
  • improved: MP4 header layout
  • improved: MP4 layout updated to latest specification to support more playback devices
  • fix: snapshot generation for some MPEG-2 streams with extremely high bitrate
  • improved: less memory used for BDs with a huge number of subtitle streams
  • fix: improved HEVC decoder for more UHD support
  • fix: SSE alignment problem with older Windows versions (could cause crash during snapshot generation)
  • fix: handle empty source disc label
  • fix: CloneBD crash on startup with invalid or headless monitor setup
  • fix: occasional exception when switching audio codecs while snapshots are generated in the background (unable to reproduce, so: untested)
  • change: remove “lossless downconvert” from dropdown box as it is implicitly supported
  • improved: support for more UHD
  • many minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages


CloneBD version is at below link 2018-12-14

  • change: added logging for spurious “invalid source path” problem
  • improved: handling of discs with with bogus playlists
  • new: added support for pre-formatted BD-R discs set for SRM+POW (CloneBD creates filesystem UDF 2.60 instead of 2.50, then)
  • fix: don’t suppress duplicate playlists with differing subpath elements
  • UI-fix: message box truncated long button text
  • Change: max supported bit rate (formerly forced some discs to be compressed, even if not requested)
  • fix: slow processing of frames when copy only is selected for some discs
  • fix: some 50i PAL material should now be processed with a correct frame rate
  • fix: subtitle transcoding for 3D video
  • fix: more sub version of Dolby Atmos are supported
  • fix: various A/V sync issues when many clips are combined together for some discs
  • fix: more Japanese BDAV recorder formats are now supported
  • fix: memory optimizations for still supported Windows XP
  • fix: audio channel mapping for 7.1 to AAC stereo
  • improved: incorrectly marked discs as encrypted are now processed as well
  • improved: more HEVC encoder optimizations
  • improved: more AVC encoder optimizations
  • improved: full support for VC-1 interlaced video added
  • many minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages