CloneBD Beta Discussion Thread

Download 64 bit version:

Download 32 bit version: beta 2019-08-21

  • changed: partial copies with “maintain original menu” retain stream slots for removed languages.
    This is a slight violation of BD specs, but allows correct language selection via menu.
  • improved: better auto-trim algorithm for cutting off incompatible clips (different audio codec,
    missing streams, …) when creating single-file output
  • fixed crash on malformed CPI-Map on input (some bad authorings from a certain studio)
  • fix: don’t show “unnecessary compression warning” when rescaling MKV
  • fix: progress page counts DolbyVision frames to fps
  • fixed slow transcoding when audio is not compressed
  • fixed a crash when transcoding DTS-HD streams
  • fixed visual artifacts when decoding some interlaced VC-1
  • fixed DVD subtitles in .mkv files
  • fixed LPCM 96 kHz decoding
  • fixed BD menu interaction
  • fixed E-AC3 in mp4 files
  • fixed HEVC support for Windows XP 32-bit (still doesn’t guarantee that XP can always encode HEVC
    due to memory/resources)
  • improved MKV file layout
  • updated AAC audio encoder
  • updated HEVC to support more core (Ryzen 3900/3950X)
  • updated AVC for better visual encoding quality
  • many minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages
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