CloneBD beta Discussion Thread

Download 64 bit version:

Download 32 bit version: beta 2019-03-29

  • fix: HDR info in index.bdmv
  • fix: possible compiler optimization bug causing SPS parsing to fail
  • fix: fix duplicate audio for SEAMLESS clips
  • fix: A/V sync for disks with a lot of short clips
  • fix: A/V sync for old (pure, non-SSIF) 3D discs
  • fix: snapshot generation for some disks
  • fix: timestamp generation to be more accurate (avoids a slight offset between dependent streams, e.g. DolbyVision)
  • fix: when converting UHD to BD, renumber non-conforming subtitle PID values, some players would hang otherwise
  • fix: occasional crash, when opening DolbyVision discs
  • some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages