CloneBD Beta Discussion Thread

Download 64 bit version:

Download 32 bit version: beta 2019-02-28

  • fix: hardware acceleration (Intel, nVidia and AMD) could fail when processing many clips in a row
  • change: log file format
  • improved: arrangement of HDR SEI messages (possible cause for Oppo not finding HDR information)
  • fix: correct position of DolbyVision Stream in CLIPINF files
  • Updated languages
1 Like did cause transcoder error with the 64bit version so I switched back to 32bit and so far the same BD media didn’t cause the problem. I will later switch back to 64bit to test whether or not the transcoder error happens again.

Update: they seems to have fixed the transcoder issue after I made alot of noise on RedFox but they at first dismissed my compliant saying it’s bad media or hardware but turns out it’s a Transcoder problem. It’s not good when they have a long time user and burned many of DVD and BD to dismiss one when they report a problem.