CloneBD 2018-01-12 Discussion Thread

#1 2018-01-12
Fix: added correct UHD lossless profile for partial disc copy (previously caused failures due to improper mux rate)
Fix: allow removal of source disc while creating an ISO or burning to a disc in another drive.
Fix: correctly identify outdated v1.00 playlist format
Fix: aspect ratio of MKV files if SAR is not 1:1
Fix libx264 8-bit encoding on x86 machines
Fix typo: CloneBD displayed 4:3 aspect ratio as 4:2
Fix: progressbar would not operate correctly on complete copies with angle support
Fix: auto-selection of audio/subtitle languages at playback time on partial copies could be incorrect, if multiple tracks of the same language are present
Improved: flush of decoder images, MPEG-2 480p/1080i/576p update
Fix: MPEG-2 video descriptor
Fix: software encoding on 32bit Windows was broken
Change: software encoding Windows XP was disabled, reenabled again
Note: while CloneBD will work with Windows XP and 32bit Windows in general, it is not a recommended platform, unless hardware acceleration is used. Especially HEVC encoding is extremely slow.
many minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Thanks Alan all updated.