CloneBD and later: trouble

Hello, I’m trying this software.
I can see that it’s really nice.
But, I’ve a question: I select Blu-ray 25Gb or Custom in Target but, when process ends, target folder is always so small, like 12.96Gb or 9Gb.
Why i can’t resolve it, then create an output folder about 25Gb how i selected ?


By any chance are you using an NVIDIA videocard with CUDA hardware acceleration enabled in CloneBD?

Done, but nothing was better.


The reason I was asking is I, myself, have experienced seemingly under-sized output via CloneBD when using NVIDIA hardware acceleration. I asked about it quite some time back and got a reply from a developer.

Refer here:

NOTE: My use of the word “seemingly” is important. Comparing the “smaller” output from CloneBD to the output from BD Rebuilder that was twice as large there was no discernible quality difference.