CloneBD Discussion Thread 2017-07-19
New: support frame packed 3D (MVC) in MKV files lossless and lossy
important note: only a few PC-players support this 3D format, including PowerDVD 16 or higher, Kodi - ]only a few linux version and Stereoscopic Player, also, lossless MVC don’t properly work with PowerDVD, reencoded copies work fine.
For now, only software de-/encoding is possible and is fairly slow.
New: added setting to eject source disc after processing
Change: security update for ElbyCDIO.sys
New: preview player allows to switch display between 2D and SBS formats (R/L view can be used for “squinting eyes 3D” for quick verification)
Change: for lossless copies, remove the beaver from the preview, this was confusing because users thought, it would show up in the copy as well
Improve: display correct bitrates/output sizes when encoding MVC output
Fix: user interface - switching between 2D and MVC output sometimes left HEVC codec disabled (greyed out)
Workaround: Windows MediaFoundation Parser bug (Windows Media Player/“Movies & TV”) couldn’t parse MKV files, that were created with "extra track for forced subtitles"
Fix: NTSC non-telecine incorrectly detected as telecined so field splitting failed
Fix: size estimator is off, when many picture in picture streams and an over-abundance of subtitles is in the source
Fix: write global header, when converting VC-1 video AVC/MKV
Fix: secondary DTS audio (picture in picture)
Fix: 2D playlists sometimes got hidden by their 3D counterparts
Fix: size estimation inaccurate when creating MKV/MP4 when playlist contains the same clip multiple times
Fix: Multiple corruptions of BD data
Fix: Early terminating streams (data corruption due to preprocessing with 3rd party tools and then postprocessing in CloneBD)
Fix: Subtitle display on some Opus players
Fix: Audio/video drift on some PAL encoded discs (that have been “telecined” from NTSC and not sped up)
Fix: Further support for 192 kHz/96 kHz Dolby Atmos discs
Fix: Further support for some audio discs (LPCM, 24-bit, 192 kHz)
Fix: Correctly output big-endian audio samples (was little-endian)
Fix: Better AVC video encoding settings to support more standard players
Fix: Further support for usually Japanese BD recorders (pseudo BDMV format)
Fix: Correctly decode VC-1 color space, cropping area
Fix: Preview playback of VC-1 tracks
Change: Reduced required memory footprint
Fix: (possible workaround for a Marantz player) - remove several optional items from chapter entries in MKV files
many minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Below is a post I wrote about the first release of CloneBD in December 2014. Has it improved enough to be something I should purchase? Does it work 99 times out of a hundred yet? THey must be at Patch #50 or better by now…:astonished:

"I did get an email confirmation that the program sent in a log and Slysoft was looking into it. As far as doing my part, these issues should have been dealt with long ago in Beta Testing. These folks have been working on this full time (with a “Development Team” we’re told) for over 4 years!

The Disks I’m trying to clone are middle of the road commercially available and probably have hundreds of thousands of sales worldwide. (Maybe a million in the case of the Eagles disk as it was from their History of the Eagles -a 3 Disk set that sold very well.) They are not new releases with some type of unknown structure.

People seem to accept flaky software as normal it seems. My son, who’s a gamer, when he get a new game on Disk (PS4 or PC), he doesn’t even try to play it after initial install. The first thing is to get in line (on line:() for a slow download of a patch that is often times near the same size as the original program. Those folks have no pride in what they bring to market, and don’t deserve to remain in business with that type of behaviour.

If the equipment I sell didn’t work when I sold it, the Customers would be sending it back and lining up a lawsuit very quickly. But in the software world selling something that doesn’t function is readily acceptable => and folks say you are not doing your part if you don’t help the supplier fix it. No wonder software companies can make big money. :rolleyes:

I’m constantly amazed the Consumers are lead along like Pavlov’s Dog with every “new” release. What made CloneCD & CloneDVD so attractive is they worked virtually every time - at least for me. It’s sad they tossed out CloneBD before it was ready. :sad: "