CloneBD Beta Discussion Thread

Version with frame packed MVC support for MKV files.

Important notes:
Frame packed MKV-3D is supported by few software players - the ones we know so far:

  • PowerDVD 16 or higher
  • Stereoscopic Player
  • Kodi builds for Linux (NOT windows), also requires GPU support for 3D

CloneBD supports lossless 3D copy to MKV files, with the following shortcomings:
PowerDVD 16 will not play many lossless 3D files (image hangs). This seems to be a PowerDVD problem, as other converter tools exhibit the same problem. PowerDVD 17 not tested.
Movies encoded with the “right eye” as base image (many Fox releases) will require manual flipping of eyes in most players. CloneBD does correctly flag this, but the information is ignored by all players we tested so far - they always assume, that the left eye is the base image.
lossless copies are very slow.
Currently there is no hardware acceleration available, sorry.

Changelog 2017-07-06
- New: support frame packed 3D (MVC) in MKV files lossless and lossy
** important note: only a few PC-players support this 3D format, including PowerDVD 16 or higher, Kodi - only a few linux version and Stereoscopic Player,**
** also, lossless MVC don’t properly work with PowerDVD, reencoded copies work fine.**
** For now, only software de-/encoding is possible and is fairly slow.**
- New: added setting to eject source disc after processing
- Change: security update for ElbyCDIO.sys
- New: preview player allows to switch display between 2D and SBS formats (R/L view can be used for “squinting eyes 3D” for quick verification)
- Fix: 2D playlists sometimes got hidden by their 3D counterparts
- Fix: size estimation inaccurate when creating MKV/MP4 when playlist contains the same clip multiple times
- Fix: Multiple corruptions of BD data
- Fix: Early terminating streams (data corruption due to preprocessing with 3rd party tools and then postprocessing in CloneBD)
- Fix: Subtitle display on some Opus players
- Fix: Audio/video drift on some PAL encoded discs (that have been “telecined” from NTSC and not sped up)
- Fix: Further support for 192 kHz/96 kHz Dolby Atmos discs
- Fix: Further support for some audio discs (LPCM, 24-bit, 192 kHz)
- Fix: Correctly output big-endian audio samples (was little-endian)
- Fix: Better AVC video encoding settings to support more standard players
- Fix: Further support for usually Japanese BD recorders (pseudo BDMV format)
- Fix: Correctly decode VC-1 color space, cropping area
- Fix: Preview playback of VC-1 tracks
- Change: Reduced required memory footprint
- Fix: (possible workaround for a Marantz player) - remove several optional items from chapter entries in MKV files
- many minor fixes and improvements
- updated languages