CloneBD Discussion Thread 2017-02-28
Change: AMD acceleration uses CBR until VBR bitrate issue is resolved
Fix: crash in new stream consistency check
Fix: random crash when copying small files uncompressed while rebuilding PMT
Fix: prevent encoders from staying idle if the cpu is used for other tasks
Fix: early aborts due a wrong signal from the demultiplexer
Fix: support odd AVC format by some Japanese BD recorders
Workaround: recover from invalid data in some PGS steams
Workaround: adjust incorrect AVC aspect ratio information in some sources
Improved: ensure, temp path exists, when writing playlist files
Fix: lossless copy on very small clips with many audio/subtitle tracks could cause an exception
Fix: AVC crash during seeking when PPS changes
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages

Thanks for the Link Alan

Its pretty much working great now. With the Cuda enabled I am getting over 400FPS.

That’s a pretty impressive turn of speed Alan.

I have successfully encoded a full Bluray 35GB Movie to less than 1 GB (.mp4) in 9 minutes with almost no loss of quality.

That’s the sort of time I’d have been pleased with years ago for a DVD so that’s really impressive for Blu-ray.

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Wow. I think i should try this on my own soon, last time i tried with a bit of help but i wasn’t successful.