CloneBD Discussion Thread 2017-02-08
Fix: improved filter for forced subtitle frames - triggeres erasing of forced subtitles
Fix: fast 96000 Hz -> 48000 Hz downmixing until ffmpeg libresample is ready, should handle LPCM 96kHz problems
Workaround: Bypass AVC trash added by broken Nero 12
Fix: remove tiny preview window during processing, when preview is not supposed to be active
Change: disallow high dpi ScreenScalingMode 0 and 2 for Windows versions (will automatically fall back to 1 and 3) up to and including 8.1, because these modes don’t play well with older Windows versions
minor fixes and improvements

no way…

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2788195]no way…[/QUOTE]

What does that mean ?

[QUOTE=glimmertwin;2788198]What does that mean ?[/QUOTE]
newbie I see…

[QUOTE=glimmertwin;2788198]What does that mean ?[/QUOTE]

It doesnt mean anything that you need to know LOL. Its a new version of CloneBD by Elby and its always updated to fix things and add new options and changes.