CloneBD Discussion Thread 2017-02-07
New: full support for high-dpi displays, including scaled fonts and high resolution images, several images now included as scalable vector graphics
Fix: missing audio in chained clip sequence
Fix: too long audio in certain clips
Fix: non-seamless clip transition
Fix: improver audio frame packing during non-seamless clip transition
Fix: video/audio re-synchronization after sector read errors
Fix: libx264 (software encoder) no longer uses b-pyramid for BD encoded video streams
Fix: incorrect timestamps if b-frames inside MP4 containers
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages

Based on the posts on Redfox, it might be a good idea to pass on this one

There might and I say might be an issue with forced subtitles but I wouldnt pass on this version, I have made .mp4 files all afternoon and they are awesome. I do not use forced subs.

late to the club again… :sad: